Beehive Traverse

An off-trail epic through the heart of Capitol Reef's Waterpocket Fold

Through the Halls

Backpacking Halls Creek Narrows in Capitol Reef National Park

Pleasant Creek to Sheets Gulch

When good things go wrong, then great again

Willow Meets Willow Gulch

A daddy-daughter adventure with Willow

Five Guys on a Trail

A tour of the Southwestern Uintas with some great guys

Bryce Canyon and Beyond

2018's Summer Vacation with the family

Backpacking 'Pleasant Pocket Mesa'

Another overnight adventure in Capitol Reef National Park

Jun 14, 2019

A Night on Y Mountain: Another Daddy-Daughter Backpacking Trip

Having successfully completed a trip out with Ellory the night before, it was Willow's turn to get up into the mountains.  She's a fan of hiking the 'Y' above our neighborhood.  I offered her the opportunity to go higher above it and she bit.  She'd get another big choice to make along the way...

Jun 12, 2019

Backpacking Grove Creek: A Daddy-Daughter Adventure

With school out for the summer, it was time to start up the annual one-on-one trips with my kids whom are old enough to do some backpacking or camping and retain some memories of it.  For this month, my days off work were Sunday-Tuesday.  In the past, I'd start with my oldest and work my way down each of my kids.  This year, things were switched up a bit, starting out with my 2nd oldest, Ellory.  For this trip we set off for one my favorite spots in the Wasatch this time of year, Grove Creek and the flats above.

Jun 4, 2019

Backpacking 'Pleasant Pocket Mesa' in Capitol Reef NP

Having recently celebrated Jessica's birthday, I had planned to gift Jess a night off from the kids and out in the backcountry.  As we typically do, we traveled to Torrey to spend Memorial Day weekend with her parents and made plans to do some backpacking in Capitol Reef National Park while there. The route we ended up on was a reverse of the loop I had done two years before as well as being the latter section of the Beehive Traverse I had done last fall.

Apr 11, 2019

Backcountry Post Meet-up at Temple Mountain

For years now, I've been a member of a forum called Backcountry Post, or BCP for short.  In April, a meet up was organized for members and the location selected was in the area of Temple Mountain in the San Rafael Swell.  It was an opportunity meet up with some great people who also love the outdoors, some for the first time while yet others, a reuniting.

Nov 1, 2018

Beehive Traverse - Through the Heart of Capitol Reef's Waterpocket Fold

Sometimes things can come together so well it's as if catching lightning in a bottle.  That happened this fall when such things played out into allowing me the opportunity to fulfill one of my top bucket list hikes since I found out about it.  To do what's been called the Beehive Traverse, a route that takes one through the heart of the geological wonderland that is the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park.  It is a 17 mile route for the main leg, plus an additional 8 to 9 for an optional extension.

Aug 15, 2018

Bryce Canyon and Beyond

For our big family vacation this year, we opted to head south to check up on Bryce Canyon and visit and explore a few other features nearby. In fact, we'd only spend one day at Bryce and ended up setting up our base camp down at nearby Kodachrome Basin State Park.  I had wanted to take the family to Yellowstone for this trip but we decided to hold that one off for another year.

Aug 14, 2018

Hayden Lake: A Reverse Relay Trip

Over the summer, after my wife had successfully enjoyed her first solo overnight trip in the Uintas, we hatched an idea to do a reverse relay trip of sorts whereby I would drive up to a trailhead in the Uintas and hike out to a destination for the night, then continue on to another trailhead where she'd meet me with our kids at another trailhead and then she'd do the same course in reverse, driving my car home.



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