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Jul 27, 2017

Bullion Canyon & Delano Peak

For some time now, I've been wanting to bag Delano Peak of the Tushar Range in Fishlake National Forest down in Southwest Utah.  Delano Peak is the highest peak in the Tushars, the third highest range in Utah, beneath the Uintas and La Sals.  Standing 12,169 feet above sea level, It is also the highest peak of two Utah counties: Beaver and Piute.  For those aiming to bag all the county high points in Utah, like myself, it offers a twofer.

Initially, I thought I'd end up hiking it the typical way which is to drive up from Beaver to the west and then hike the route up the western face of it.  However, after studying out maps a bit more, I saw that it could be done from the east via Bullion Canyon just outside of Marysvale, but with a few more miles of hiking.  Logistically, approaching it from the east actually made more sense for me, because I could make a drive over from Torrey whenever my family was visiting down there.  A prime opportunity presented itself when my family recently went down for the weekend of July 24.  Due to the distance I still had to drive to the trailhead, weather patterns for the season, the distance up the trail and so forth, I opted to make it an overnight backpacking trip.  Little did I know just what a treat I'd be in for.

Jul 24, 2017

Clyde Lake Loop

My sister, Melinda, was in town from Phoenix for a conference and had wanted to hike Mount Timpanogos.  However, I dissuaded her on account of the sketchy snow conditions that remained up on Timp and because she had some recent problems with her feet, only recently being cleared by her podiatrist for more aggressive activity.  She had never been hiking up in the Uintas, so I figured the Clyde Lake Loop would be a perfect way to introduce them to her.

Jul 18, 2017

Allsop Lake - High Uintas Wilderness

For a meetup with friends, mostly inspired by Adam from last year's Highline Trail trip, we opted for a more casual trip up into the Uintas this year.  We chose Allsop Lake, a place neither of had been yet.  I reached out and invited a few others along to join us as well.  In the end, we ended up as a group of five, including a buddy of Adam's who would be backpacking for the first time.

Jul 11, 2017

Lone Peak

Lone Peak is a peak I had been intimidated by for a number of years now and so I always managed to avoid it because of both the distance, the gain, the lack of shade and water, and the exposure along the final stretch up to it.  With my goal to summit all seven most prominent peaks of Utah Valley, I couldn't avoid it any longer.  It was now time to put it in the bag.  While it can certainly be done as a brutally long day hike, I took the opportunity to turn it into another overnight backpacking trip.

Jul 3, 2017

Daddy-Daughter Backpacking: Rock Canyon and...Stewart Falls?

Rock Canyon is a beautiful canyon whose trailhead is only about 2 miles away so it serves as another convenient place to pull off a quick overnighter.  Ellory's daddy-daughter trip turned into an unintended three day trip spanned over 2 weeks.  Details on that later in the post....Ellory was actually the first of my three daughters I took backpacking this year.  Like Willow, I took Ellory up Rock Canyon with the same intent to summit Squaw Peak but that ultimately turned into a hike up to Stewart Falls the following week instead.



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