Beehive Traverse

An off-trail epic through the heart of Capitol Reef's Waterpocket Fold

Through the Halls

Backpacking Halls Creek Narrows in Capitol Reef National Park

Pleasant Creek to Sheets Gulch

When good things go wrong, then great again

Willow Meets Willow Gulch

A daddy-daughter adventure with Willow

Five Guys on a Trail

A tour of the Southwestern Uintas with some great guys

Bryce Canyon and Beyond

2018's Summer Vacation with the family

Backpacking 'Pleasant Pocket Mesa'

Another overnight adventure in Capitol Reef National Park

Jun 27, 2018

A Night up Provo Canyon

Not to be left out, Everett wanted to go camping with Dad as well.  I obliged by taking the opportunity to take him up nearby Provo Canyon for a relatively quick night of camping at Nunn's Park right next to Bridal Veil Falls.

Jun 21, 2018

Fern Lake: Chasing Friends in Grandaddy Basin

Granddaddy Basin in the Uintas gets a lot of love it seems.  It seems to have quite a reputation of being a great fishery and is a popular go-to destination for those whole like backpacking in the Uintas.  For the number of trips I've done in the Uintas, this is a basin I'd yet to spend any time at.  Then an opportunity to do so suddenly presented itself when a friend and a friend of his reached out and invited me along on a trip.  They were going to spend 2 nights touring the basin, work limited me to just one...

Jun 20, 2018

South Draw Loop

After a night out with Raylee, it was now time for to trade her out for Lennox.  For this little adventure, we'd do a bit of off-road driving with the South Draw Road through Capitol Reef, making a loop of it, followed by a night of camping just outside of the town of Torrey.  My father-in-law rode along for the drive part.

Jun 19, 2018

A Night at Sand Creek

One week after annual outings with Willow and Ellory, respectively, it was now time for Raylee.  For this trip we returned to Torrey where we dropped off my son Lennox to have a night with my in-laws while I took Raylee for a night of camping up nearby Sand Creek.

Jun 12, 2018

A Pleasant Overnighter Down Pleasant Creek

After a fantastic night with my oldest daughter, Willow, down in Willow Gulch, it was time for another round of Daddy-daughter backpacking with my next oldest daughter, Ellory.  For this trip, I'd return to Capitol Reef's Pleasant Creek so that Ellory could experience it for the first time.

Willow meets Willow Gulch

Paying a visit to Willow Gulch has been on my radar for a number of years, but given the drive and distance to it, it was something I've continually put off.  It was also something I've wanted to take my daughter Willow to, given the shared name.  This June, things finally worked out to make it happen.  Willow Gulch would provide the destination for our annual father-daughter outing.  It would also be Willow's first time backpacking in the desert.

Jun 5, 2018

Backpacking Pleasant Creek to Sheets Gulch

My planned route for this ended up being altered recently.  I had originally planned to start at the same spot and then find my way out to Oak Creek for the finish, but this past spring, I had studied out the map more and grew more curious about Sheets Gulch. After doing some research on it, I found it to be a much more appealing way to finish this hike.  So..to exit via Sheets Gulch it was.  But even that turned out to be more difficult than it needed to be.



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