Rochester Panel

On the way home from a weekend trip to Torrey last month, we took a different way home for a change.  Along the way was a well known petroglyph panel known as the Rochester Panel.  I think it compares with Newspaper Rock as far as the concentration of glyphs go.

 May 6, 2016

The trail leading out to the panel is about a half mile long so it was very kid-friendly and leads southward out toward the end of a peninsula overlooking Muddy Creek.  We had a thunderstorm approaching when we stopped by so we didn't have long to stay.  Still, the kids enjoyed the break from the long car ride home and even found some little cavities in the nearby rocks they were able to play in for a little while.

It was interesting to hear their interpretations of the of the unique characters carved into the face of the rock. 

What makes this panel really stand out is what appears to be a rainbow.  Animals are abundant in the form of lizards, snakes, deer, elk, big horn sheep, and others.  Of course, there are lots of anthromorphs as well.

One can't help but wonder what story was being told with these images.

There are some smaller panels of interesting glyphs around 3 sides of large rocky outcrop just east of the main panel.

There's even a scene depicting a hunter with what appears to be a atlatl spear ready to strike a bighorn sheep.

And one that shows what appears to be a bear engaging an elk or deer.

The approaching storm from the southwest allowed for some interesting light to be filtered through across the northeast.

Ellory, always the climber, had to pose on the top of the rock.

After a good little while, it was time to turn back to beat the oncoming storm.  We made it back to the car just in time when a few drops began to fall and lightning could be seen on the horizon. 

If You Go

Rochester Panel is located just outside Emery, Utah along Muddy Creek.  About 3 miles northeast of Emery, off of state highway 10, is a turn off onto county road 801.  Follow that for a little over a half mile where a turn-off to the south for county road 805, leads out to the trailhead at its end.  Signs will guide the way to the trailhead.


  1. Pretty cool! You're kids are going to look back on these photos, and love them, saying "Wow, are parents were pretty cool to take us here!" hahah - Alicia @

    1. I know, right? I keep telling them how jealous their friends will be of them as they get older.


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